Beyonce Featured in New L'Oréal Paris Lipstick Commercial/REUTERS
Beyonce Featured in New L'Oréal Paris Lipstick Commercial/REUTERS

Beyonce, the 'Single Ladies' hitmaker has topped search engine Bing's 'America's Most Searched' list of 2013, thwarting celebrities like Kim Kardashian (2012 winner), Rihanna and Taylor Swift to the title.

Beyonce surprisingly beat the "Keeping up with the Kardashians" star despite the latter storming tabloids throughout the year. However, looks like no amount of baby publicity, super-revealing selfies and even a much-popularized divorce and engagement could do it for Kim.

According to CBS News, Beyonce, however, had her own fair share of controversies this year. Starting off with her infamous Inauguration Day concert controversy, where she allegedly sang on a pre-recorded track, she also made headlines for the Super Bowl XLVII half time performance.

But it was more good than bad for the 'Grown Woman' singer. Beyonce set off to take over the world announcing her 'Mrs. Carter Show World Tour' in February. She started off in Belgrade in April and will sign off in Brooklyn, December 22.

The 'Halo' crooner also released a documentary on her private life that featured on HBO. Beyonce also lent her voice to the 'Queen Tara' character in Disney's animated film 'Epic' and is reportedly working on her fifth studio album now, reports E!Online.

Bing is the most popular search engine in the United States after Google, according to comScore. It releases a list of the 'most searched' at the end of every year for each country.

Women seem to have dominated the results. Barrack Obama and Justin Bieber were the only two men on the list. Surprisingly, Miley Cyrus, despite all the Twerking and tongue-flicking was at the bottom of the list.

Check out the full list below (Courtesy: Bing Trends):

1.      Beyoncé

2.      Kim Kardashian

3.      Rihanna

4.      Taylor Swift

5.      Madonna

6.      Justin Bieber

7.      Nicki Minaj

8.      Amanda Bynes

9.      Miley Cyrus

10.  Barack Obama

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