It feels like 2013 all over again. Beyonce dropped her eponymous fifth album out of the blue in December 2013, after rumours ran rampant for months. This year, after she released her latest track "Formation" without any warning in February, the rumour mills started running again.

But it was March 23, 2016, when fans went into a frenzy after noticing changes in the singer's iTunes and VEVO accounts. As many as 13 unlisted videos had been added to her VEVO account that day and her iTunes page was also down.

According to reports, fans are speculating the album will be released April 4, 2016. This is due to the fact that April 4 marks the anniversary of her wedding with Jay Z. While this could be a valid reason if sentimental aspects are taken into consideration, an April release is likelier due to the fact that the singer's "Formation" world tour takes off April 27, 2016.

So, will Beyonce drop an album in April? Only time will tell. But what we do know is the singer is currently preparing for a new music video featuring the mothers of police brutality victims Tamir Rice, Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown, at least according to one of Beyonce's fan clubs — The Beyhive Team.

Listen to "Formation" here.