Jay-Z presents the Video Vanguard Award to Beyonce as he holds their daughter Ivy Blue during the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards in Inglewood, California August 24, 2014.Reuters

Beyonce and Jay Z may have dispelled the divorce rumours by kissing each other at MTV VMAs but a body language expert thinks that the couple is not over with marriage tension and their smile at the event is fabricated.

Jay Z locked lips with Beyonce when he presented her with Video Vanguard award during the ceremony. However, Dr. Lillian Glass thinks that couple's body language has a different story to tell, according to Hollywoodlife.

Beyonce showed a very stiff body language while kissing Jay Z and there was no warmth between the two, suggested Dr Lillian adding, "And it's like they use Blue Ivy as a prop to show that their marriage is in tact but their language shows stiffness and there is no touching."

It is also speculated that Beyonce was happy because of Blue Ivy and the reason for her warm smile was Ivy and not Jay Z.

"If it wasn't for Blue Ivy she would not be having such a genuine smile. She just loves Blue Ivy and all of her attention is focused on her. I think that the glue is Blue Ivy because she reflects both their joy, there is no joy reflected to each other. When he is talking into the microphone, she doesn't lean towards him, it is clear to the naked eye that something is going on deep down," Dr Glass said.

Beyonce and Jay z have been plagued with divorce rumours for months now. The reports were rife that the two would call it quits post their "On The Run" tour but Jay Z is said to working hard to make the marriage work and had even planned a five-week vacation with Beyonce and Ivy.

"Jay Z doesn't want to lose Beyoncé. They are trying to work things put but obviously it's difficult for them to go to couple's counseling because of their busy schedules. But they are not calling it quits on their marriage at least not until they've tried everything," a source close to the couple told the Website.

Beyonce and Jay Z married in 2008. The two are considered to be the most powerful hip-hop couple of the industry. The worth of the singing duo is in billions, according to the reports.