Beyoncé and Jay Z
Beyoncé and Jay ZReuters

Beyonce and Jay Z are finding it difficult to dismiss rumours of trouble in their marriage, with various reports stating that it won't be long before the couple officially announces their split.

According to a recent Radar Online report, guests at a recent dinner party hosted by Beyonce and Jay Z were privy to how distant the two have become as a couple.

The dinner party was held Saturday for close family members and business partners, and according to a guest, Beyonce and her husband hardly spoke to each other. "They could hardly have been more detached!" the insider said. "Beyonce and Jay Z barely spoke two words to each other the entire evening. She complained about the food that he had catered, and said that it was not her people that had made the meal."

Reportedly, Jay Z was dismissive to Beyonce throughout the dinner and even disappeared before the guests had left, leaving Beyonce alone to wrap up the affair.

The strain in their relationship, according to the media outlet, is caused by jealousy. While Beyonce's career is on an all-time high, her husband's has been stagnant in comparison, noted Radar.

An earlier report too claimed at constant fights between Beyonce and Jay Z. Beyonce is said to have removed her wedding ring and hinted at an imminent divorce at Kelly Rowland's 35th birthday bash Feb. 20 at the Sunset Tower in Los Angeles.

"From the moment she arrived, Beyonce started downing cocktails — it was clear something was bothering her," a source told In Touch, according to Radar Online. "She took off her wedding ring, held it in the air and told everyone that this would be one of the last times they would see it because she was ending her marriage. Friends and family tried to calm her down."

It is not immediately known if there's any truth to all these claims.