Beyoncé and Jay-Z
Beyoncé and Jay-ZReuters

Beyoncé and Jay Z's divorce rumours seem to be getting wild with every passing day. And the drama continues, as some latest reports have claimed that the "Destiny's Child" member announced that she was calling it quits with her rapper husband soon.

Apparently, the 34-year-old singer confirmed and confessed that after being together for seven years, the couple have decided to part ways.

Queen Bey and Jay Z divorce rumours have been swirling around for a couple of months now. In fact, various reports claimed that things have gone so bad between the couple that they are barely speaking with each other and are fighting over everything. And now, apparently this stone-cold situation between the couple came out in the open when Beyoncé, during Kelly's birthday bash Feb. 20 at the Sunset Tower Hotel, shared her feelings openly and admitted that she wanted a divorce.

"Beyoncé was really partying away, drinking and flirting. It was clear something was bothering her. It didn't take long for the singer to share what was on her mind, as she admitted that she wanted a divorce," a source told Hollywood Life.

The singer's announcement apparently came as a shock to everyone. "She took off her wedding ring and held it in the air. Then she told people that it was one of the last times they'd see it. She said she was ending her marriage to Jay Z. Everyone was shocked," the source added.

The website also said that after this incident, Bey's mom Tina Knowles got into the "damage control mode" and told everyone that Beyoncé "hadn't meant it and that it was the alcohol talking." But the source apparently said that the alcohol only brought out the truth and that Bey's confession was "long time coming."

The source further claimed that Beyoncé, who was recently seen in Coldplay's "Hymn For the Weekend," wants to move on with her life and wants to start afresh. "She's making plans to divorce Jay Z. She's even been house-hunting for her own place, so she can start living her new life once the time comes," the source said.

But Gossip Cop has rubbished all these rumours. The website said that Beyoncé did not make any announcement about divorcing Jay Z and has debunked all "ending marriage" declaration claims saying that it never happened at all.