The 'virus shut out' necklace

Doctors in Kashmir do not agree that the 'virus shut out' necklace does what it claims. They have outrightly rejected the claims that coronavirus can be kept away by wearing the necklace.

The doctors in Srinagar have urged the authorities to take action against people who are selling this product out in the open freely. Doctors are of the view that coronavirus can be kept at bay by washing hands regularly, maintaining social distance and wearing face masks.

Bogus claims

The bogus coronavirus prevention necklace has been banned in several countries but there are sellers and buyers still. It should be noted that the sale of the 'virus shut out' necklace was banned in the USA in March.

Scientists have established that the coronavirus primarily spreads through close contact, via tiny droplets emitted when people talk, cough, and sneeze, though it can also be airborne and travel distances over six feet. The only way out is disinfecting the surfaces regularly among other precautions that have been suggested by the doctors.

The 'virus shut out' necklace is anyways worn around the neck and not near the mouth and the nose, which actually are the areas from where a person gets the infection. The necklace has a highly corrosive ingredient called chlorine dioxide and this can cause severe respiratory and eye irritations and skin burns if it is placed close to the face.  

Doctors urge administration to take action

A doctor from Srinagar was quoted as saying that the claims made for the necklace hold no value at all. He urged the administration to take strict action against people who are making the bogus product popular.

The doctor also stated that people might completely avoid the necessary precautions that are supposed to be taken to keep the virus at bay due to this necklace.

A senior official in the drug control department further stated that the department has information about sellers selling the necklace and the department plans to initiate action against such people.

Experts have time and again stated that there is no magic pill or cure for the virus and taking precautions is the only way to keep the virus away.