Mushrooms inside Indian train
Mushrooms grown inside Indian trainReddit

Compared to the railways in many developed countries, very rarely do we hear or share good news about railway services in India. Now, a photo uploaded on Reddit by a user named DeboBi on September 29, has intensified the negativity around the Indian  railways.

The photo with the caption, 'Indian Railways growing mushrooms in trains in order to serve fresh creamy mushroom soup to the passengers [NP]', shows mushrooms growing inside a train, next to the toilet. The photo of the mushroom "plantation" inside the train went viral on social media with netizens commenting on the poor conditions of the trains in the country.

Though we are not sure when and where this picture has been taken, or how old it is, the mushrooms seen in the photo are fleshy. Following this, many social media users have warned people to think before buying mushroom soup while travelling in trains from now on.

"Indian Railway is experimenting in many ways for customer comfort. This is just one of them [sic]," writes a person on social media. "This is my Thamma's version of the story. 'Bita, India is so developed nowadays, railway has started growing mushrooms for soup!' [sic]," writes another.

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Shebin Benson

Dear Indian Railways, this is not what I meant when I said "Please improve the veg menu"


From logistics view this can be very profitable. You can pluck your own mushrooms in a small basket and hand it straight to the kitchen.

Anish T P 

Indian railways is serious about its passengers having a good trip ;)#zirofestival#magic


Especially the one that grows on doorstep of toilet. They are delicious. /s


That's how we get that ISO 14001 certification biatch.


Water is supplied from toilet and urine and stool as fertilizer


Lot of mushrooms grow from dung and other shit. It doesn't mean there is anything wrong with them. If the mushroom looks healthy (and is edible) then it is good to eat, no matter what or where it grew from. The sole purpose of mushrooms in the food chain is to convert shit and other useless waste into food. I would say these little babies are doing a good job of cleaning up our trains.