hound and wife

In a bizarre incident, UK resident Elizabeth Hoad tied the knot with her pet retriever Logan in an ITV programme on Tuesday. The event took place on the sets of British television show 'This Morning,' in front of television personalities Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford and rest of the crew members.

The show's presenter, Alison Hammond, struggled to hold in her laughter as she declared, "I stand here today to join together Elizabeth Mary Francis Hoad and Logan Humphrey the second, the golden retriever. If any persons here present have a bone of contention as to why they may not be joined together I will now pause to let them speak, bark, or forever hold their peace."

The 49-year-old had previously mentioned that she made the decision to marry her dog after she found that she was "unlucky in love."

"I've completely given up. Hand on heart, I've been on all those websites," she confessed on the show. "It's not just me. I meet with ten other friends a week, we go on lots of trips with our dogs, and I'm not working at the moment, so my friends are like, 'Why don't you just marry him?'" Hoad said.

However, she also mentioned that the day was special to her because that's when she rescued her dog. "The reason why I feel it's so important to celebrate this by doing this is not only because I've been unlucky in love by 221 dates, but it's a year ago today I rescued him," she said.

For the first four years, he was locked up in a utility cupboard, chained up, beaten, starved, when he came out he was re-homed very badly and with dysfunctional families and it was like we were meant to meet because I'd just lost my other golden retriever.'

When the hosts asked what has her pet done for her, she replied saying

He's saved me and I've saved him,' she replied. 'I was a broken woman when [her last dog passed away]' reported Metro.com.

Clip of the "marriage" ceremony, shared by the show's official handle went viral on Twitter, garnering close to 4,29,100 views within 20 hours. It also got 1,500 retweets and close to 4,700 'likes' on the social media post.

Netizens were, however, incredulous that such an incident happened and resorted to memes and gifs joking about the programme.