Better Call Saul
AMC will air 'Better Call Saul' season finale on Monday, 6 April, at 10pm.Facebook/Better Call Saul

When "Better Call Saul" will be back on AMC with season finale, titled "Marco" on Monday, 6 April, at 10pm, it will take viewers through new challenges faced by Jimmy McGill aka Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk).

As per the official synopsis of episode 10, the criminal lawyer will seize an opportunity to reconnect with an old friend in the aftermath of recent events.

On the other hand, Chuck McGill (Michael McKean) will decide to adjust with a new way of life in the finale of popular spin-off series.

Meanwhile, the title indicates that Marco Salamanca (Luis Moncada), one of the two popular cartel killers known as the Cousins in "Breaking Bad", could be introduced in the finale.

However, it is not clear whether it is a coincidence to name the sequel after Moncada's character or he will really appear in the show. If the actor joins the cast list, it will be interesting to watch some of the sequences between him and the protagonist.

But viewers will have to wait until 6 April to know more about episode 10 and till then they can enjoy "Better Call Saul" episode 9 titled "Pimento" this Monday, 30 March, which will be live streamed here.