Tyga and Kylie Jenner
Tyga and Kylie JennerTwitter/ Screenshot

While Tyga seemed smitten by reality star Kylie Jenner when he said that he wanted to be with her for life, the singer was seen going back on his words at a recent concert. Evidently, the youngest Jenner isn't pleased. 

The 25-year-old during his performance at VITY Launch Party & VITY Concert Experience, gave a shout out to the audience saying that sometimes being single is bliss as you can't trust women.

"How many of you are single out there? It's better to be single sometimes, you know why? Because these hoes ain't loyal!" said Tyga, before performing Chris Brown's "Loyal".

Though his statement might have created fan frenzy, it left his girlfriend's spirits, who was present in the audience, down in the dumps.

Jenner was present at the concert just to cheer her man, and she clearly wasn't pleased with the rapper's comment. She is said to have been brooding throughout his performance and left immediately after, reported Hollywood Life

"From the look on her face, it was obvious she was bothered and upset by his joke. After that happened, it was clear she wasn't interested in watching Tyga anymore, so she and her clique left the VIP section to go backstage," the insider told the website.

The reality star mostly kept herself busy with her phone throughout the evening and looked "pensive and perturbed" according to the website. And though the whole entourage left together, the couple walked out separately. Tension was evident between them and Jenner seemed heart-broken.

Is Tyga in two-minds even after declaring his love for Jenner? Or was it just a harmless joke? Whatever his excuse may be, the rapper has got quite some explanations to give his lady love.