Fallout 4 teased via teaser website?fallout.bethsoft.com

Bethesda, developer of The Elder Scrolls RPG series, has reportedly trademarked Fallout 4 in Europe after the discovery of a new website, 'TheSurvivor2299,' which is believed to be a teaser website of the game.

The Fallout 4 trademark was spotted on the website of Office for Harmonization in the Internal Markets, European Union's official trademark office, IGN reported.

Though the registration of the trademark can never be taken as proof of the game's existence, it is considered significant due to its timing. The discovery of TheSurvivor2299 a teaser website, which was registered to Bathesda's parent company ZeniMax Media Inc, sparked the rumors of Fallout 4.

TheSurvivor2299 website has fonts that were similar to that of Fallout franchise. Reddit users reported of hearing Morse code on the background which was later translated to 11 December 2013 , GamingBolt reported. The website has a coundown timer that ends on that date.

However, there has been no confirmation if the website is real or fake. Some reports suggest that the website is a hoax, since it was registered via GoDaddy. Bethesda usually registers its websites through Corporate Domains Inc. TheSurvivor2299's domain shows that the hosting company is in Poland, raising questions on why an American company host a website in another country.

Bethesda has declined to comment on the reports depsite repeated queries. As of now, there is not much information available on the much-anticipated Fallout 4 game.