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With more Instagram followers than Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, Glamour and Cosmo combined, Bethany Mota is now a superstar.

Who is Bethany Mota? She is one of the most popular vlogger in the world with over 6,699,457 subscribers who wait impatiently for her new uploads on outfit ideas, make-up tips, hair tutorials, recipes and 'do it yourself' plans on YouTube. Now with her own clothing line at retailer Aéropostale, Bethany's rising stardom goes far beyond her "MACBARBIE07" -- a YouTube channel created in 2009, which is generating an estimated $40,000 per month.

Some of her most popular videos include, "ROOM TOUR!!! (Macbarbie07)" posted on 30 July 2012 with over 8,306,438 hits, "Running Late For School- Quick Hair fixes, Makeup, & Outfit Ideas!" posted on 19 January 2014 with over 5,527,981 hits and "DIY Room Organization/ Spring Cleaning + Decor!" posted on 9 March 2014 with over 5,161,942 hits.

Without stylists, camera operators or video editors, Bethany was — and still is — a one-girl band, shooting, editing and uploading the videos herself. In an interview with Yahoo! Finance, she credited her early success to her engagement with the fans. "Every time I post a video I make sure to go to the comment section, and I reply to their comments," she says. "I really utilize all of my social networking sites." She has gone on multiple tours, which she calls her 'motavatours' to meet and interact with fans.

On 24 July, she uploaded "Back to School: DIY Organization! School Supplies & Room decor!" as a part of her #Back2SchoolWithBeth series. With the video, she hoped to make going back to school a fun experience, with a bunch of ways to organize the school work and also organize the room a little bit.. "Just a lot of little fun ideas that have helped me stay so organized recently," she said.

Some of her innovative ideas for fun-filled back-to-school items, include adorable labelled notebooks for each class, patterned pencils and colorful pencil patches, while for better organising your room she suggests huge paper clips that cost no more than $2.99 and painting them in your choice of colors before sticking reminders in them.

She is not all about organizing though, she swears by the "happy jar" in which you can put notes of anything that made you happy so that you can look back on them and smile during a rainy day. In the video, she also announced the release of her first room decor line and gave the viewers a sneak peak of her newly decorated room.

Her fans are beyond excited about #Back2SchoolWithBeth and have been relentlessly posting tweets and photos depicting how her ideas motivated them.

This 18 year old is an inspiration to all pre-teens and teens who've ever struggled with boredom, shyness and bullying. "I saw my YouTube channel as a hobby. It is something I did because I was bored," she claims. "If you look around.. There is so much for you to do and so much for you to accomplish.. May be you're just not letting yourself see it."