Not many know that Rana Daggubati and Ram Charan Tej were classmates in childhood. Besides being family friends, they have been with each other during all the ups and downs in different phases of life.

There are many childhood pics of Rana and Ram together on social media and they look adorable together since then to now. A pic of Ram Charan Tej and Rana Daggubati with once upon a time actor Tharun has been shared by Rana on his Instagram account, sometime back, and the actors completely look unrecognisable.

Rana Daggubati
From left to right: Ram Charan, Rana Daggubati, and TharunInstagram

Sharing this image, Rana captioned the image as, "A throwback into many centuries ago or at least feels like it. I have no memory of this at all...#Charan #Tarun." (sic)

In this throwback picture, Rana and is seen wearing a sky blue shirt, and sporting a clean-shaven beard. Rana is always seen sporting a thick beard. Almost in all the film he has been part, Rana has a beard. So this pic has been a surprise to all his fans.

And coming to Ram Charan, the difference to how he looks in the pic, and at present is like north and south poles. He is so chubby in the pic, as a teenager. And now, he is a macho man.

Remember his teaser from RRR? The transformation he underwent in these years cannot be written in words. Charan looks entirely different now and his fans are super proud of how he looks now, and efforts he put in reaching the macho man he is now.