Oklahoma couple arrested for bestiality, animal cruelty
When interviewed by police, Brenda Mettler admitted that she and her husband had made videos of their white boxer (not pictured) performing oral sex on hercreative commons/ Blair 94

Home videos made by an Oklahoma couple may have provided some "pleasurable memories" for them, but for others, it remains a testimony to the animal cruelty inflicted upon their pet dog.

Brenda Mettler and her husband, Robert Mettler were arrested on Thursday, after the Rogers County Sheriff's Office police officials searched their home and found a video showing a white boxer performing oral sex on the former.

The couple from Claremore, Oklahama came under the police lens after a clip featuring Brenda and their pet dog was found on a bestiality forum, according to Tulsa World. It has been described by the police as a "detestable and abominable crimes against nature."

While the duo initially refused to have any knowledge regarding the clip, upon further questioning, the 42-year-old Brenda admitted that she, along with her 44-year-old husband had made a video with their late pet, a white boxer, wherein the dog had performed oral sex on her.

She, however, reiterated that it happened a long time ago and that it was a "one-time deal", and claimed ignorance as to why her husband posted the video online.

Robert, who also admitted to the bestiality after much probing, revealed to the police that he had a fetish for sex involving women and dogs. It is a fantasy for him to see dogs and females engaging in sexual activity, a report from the police stated.

Although Robert had claimed that a hacker had posted the video on the bestiality site, the police officials matched the same clip on his phone.

The Oklahoma couple was charged with crimes against nature/sodomy, animal cruelty and distributing obscene material, for which the bond was set at $60,000 for each of them. The couple paid the bail amount and were released from jail on Friday, said Investigator Kyle Baker of the Rogers County Sheriff's Office.

They Mettlers are due back in court for bestiality on 7 November.