Turn your TV into smart TV with these affordable media streaming devices
Turn your TV into smart TV with these affordable media streaming devicesOfficial Google Blog

When we talk about TV streaming gadgets, Chromecast and Roku strike our mind. But those aren't the only ones to choose from as there is a wide range of TV streaming devices readily available at competitive prices.

Media streaming devices became popular for their convenience and affordability. Anyone with a standard television could start using TV streaming devices to cast and stream entertainment content wirelessly. It is as good as having a smart television at your home, without spending too much on it.

Google Chromecast is clearly one of the most popular choices for TV streaming devices, which is why we are leading with it. But there are also other devices that offer equally compelling, sometimes better, at an affordable cost.

Google Chromecast

The 3-inch device plugs into your TV's USB port and pairs with a smartphone over Wi-Fi to let you stream content directly on the big screen. With Chromecast, you can also stream content from Netflix, Hulu and other third-party content services.

Google Chromecast costs just $35, making it the most affordable means to turn your TV into a smart TV.

Roku Streaming Stick

Yet another popular name in the media streaming industry is Roku's Streaming Stick, which comes with its own Wi-Fi Remote control, something you wouldn't get with Chromecast. The device has its own app on Play Store and iTunes, allowing you to stream content from over 1,200 channels.

The Roku Streaming Stick costs $49.99.

Apple TV

If all your devices are from Apple, it makes sense to buy an Apple TV. It lets you stream content from iTunes directly to your TV. You also cast locally stored content and rent movies and shows from Apple iTunes.

It is priced at $69.

Samsung Allshare Cast

Unlike Chromecast, Samsung's Allshare Cast media streaming device works only with Samsung smartphones. But it is a great tool for making presentations on TV and also for streaming HD movies and music on the big screen.

If you are comparing it to Chromecast, then Samsung's device will seem expensive. It is available online for $79.99.

Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV is also one of the popular choices in the media streaming devices. The add-on that this device brings to the table is its capability to let users play hundreds of games on TV. You can watch shows and movies from Netflix, HBO Go, YouTube and other sources.

The feature-heavy streaming device is priced at $99.

If you are looking for the cheapest, or better a free option to turn your cast your locally stored videos on the phone to your TV, it is as simple as downloading an app.


It is a free app available only for Android smartphones. It lets you stream locally stored files and YouTube videos by turning your phone or tablet into a media streaming device.