The multi-faceted Neil Patrick Harris has made a comeback to television. His new show, "Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris" is self-explanatory. However, if you want to know the full details of Harris' shenanigans on the show, we've heard you.

The promo for "Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris" reveals what's to come in the following episodes. Neil says that audiences can expect seven different shows in one show. Sometimes he's a prankster, a game show host, an actor in a comedy sketch, and so on. And Neil will take on these different roles himself.

In the clip, we see Neil dressed as a journalist who asks all the wrong questions to Blake Shelton. At another point, we see the actor pranking two unsuspecting girls in a photo booth.

In an interview to Entertainment Weekly, Neil said his show will include celebrity guest appearances, and he is in the midst of writing "frantic emails" to his celebrity friends.

"Right now, we're doing things with people who will unknowingly come and see the show, and they won't have realized that we've done all of these things. We're stealth right now. We're going as a small troupe of people, hidden camera-ing it up, getting one or two people who know," he said.

Apart from this, Nicole Scherzinger will assist him in a few segments, including a karaoke game and other competitions. Child actor Nathaniel Motulsky known as "little NPH" on the show, will step into Neil's shoes and conduct interviews.

Although it may be difficult to pin down the content of Neil's variety show, suffice to say that it lends Neil the stage to bring theatricality, entertainment and music to people's homes.

"Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris" premiers on Tuesday, 16 September at 10pm ET on NBC. You can live stream the episode on Go On NBC.

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You can watch the trailer here: