The internet is an amazing place filled with a host of things that you could indulge in. And although some of your friends, time and again, seek out a comparison between Google and Skynet (the Terminator effect), it still is a wonderful place of exploration. We, of course, are talking about all the free stuff that's available online.

We, of course, are dealing with all the free-to-play titles that are available online. Not only do they provide endless hours of gameplay, games are a great way to meet new people from every corner of the world. 

There are a host of free games across Internet that gained enough traction in the last few years for you to at least give them a go. While some do ask for few in-game purchases, others come the way they are presented to you. Sure it isn't really your average Halos or Call of Duties, but it is free.

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So if we have managed to evoke enough enthusiasm in you until now to actually go ahead and try out a free to play title online, the next thing you might want to do is pick the best out of the masses. Mind you, the web is crawling with such online titles, but here's a list of the best ones that you should be giving a go. Oh, and let us know if you agree with the list and others that you would include in it.

Planetside 2 (2012)
If world domination is your kind of thing, you need not look beyond Planetside 2. Introduced back in 2012, this MMO first-person shooter has provided us enough joy over the years, so much so that we still cling onto it after work. Noobs, right? Planetside 2 offers players a choice from only three different empires as they fight for territorial control of the planet Auraxis. But popularity over the years has seen the title claim about 2000 players per continent. Sure there are chances that you might not even be able to separate the head from the tail at start of the game, but that won't drive you with boredom. On the contrary, the game sparks a feeling of fascination to learn more and more.

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Smite (2014)
If Planetside 2 feels more of a gung-ho approach to the entire free to play module, the next best thing that we could suggest you is Smite. This 2014 free to play title allows you something that might be a little too much in real life: Play as a God. This well known MOBA title allows players to choose from as many as 51 playable Gods, ranging around seven different mythologies. The game's forte, however, lies on its third-person presentation that makes the godly powers seem awesome. As we mentioned before, Smite borrows its characters from seven different religions. But it's even impressive to see developer Hi-Rez doing a wonderful job of incorporating the characters' familiar mythological backgrounds so efficiently into tactical MOBA personization.

Team Fortress 2 (2007)
If we could make a comparative list between all the free to play titles that are currently out there, we would put Team Fortress 2 on one side, and all the rest on the other. Yeah! It's that good. The game hit charts on its initial release, but it started getting more impetus since that eventful date of Jun 23, 2011 when the game became free to play, while supported by microtransactions for unique in-game equipment. Team Fortress offers you as many as 9 different unique classes to choose from. Your strength, however, lies in whether you are a team player or not. Since it's absolutely imperative that you be one with the team and finish off your opponents. The game has minimalist graphic content that although doesn't scream next gen class, but is quite attractive with the entire cartoon-gore thingy that's happening inside.

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Path of Exile (2013)
Hopefully without much jeers and sarcasm from our readers, we have come to this conclusion that Path of Exile is the perfect substitute for Diablo 3. If you are yet to try your hand out on the newest Diablo in the block, we suggest you do that right away. However, if somehow you got bored with Diablo 3, Path of Exile can be the perfect substitute if you want to keep to the same kind of game mechanics but wanting other characters and a story. Introduced back in 2013, this Diablo-inspired RPG dungeon crawler offers the best open-ended class development system. Period! And such is the mechanic that almost all the classes are treated to more or less the same powers. A toast to equality!

Star Wars: The Old Republic (2011)
Here's a quick info: Star Wars: The Old Republic was only made free to play when the game's traditional model wasn't making enough revenue for the makers. But once it did, this free to play tile, adopted from one of the most epic franchises in the history of the industry and then converted into an MMO, shot up to huge popularity among fans and Star Wars enthusiasts. The game's story takes place in the Star Wars fictional universe just after establishing peace between the re-emergent Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic, 300 years after the events of the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic games, and more than 3,500 years before the events in the Star Wars films. Plus you get to enjoy the catchy Star Wars tune in-game, time and again.

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League of Legends (2009)
We aren't even sure if this is the right list to include League of Legends. And we are sceptical since LoL is more than just a regular online free to play MOBa title. It has become more of a cultural phenomenon that has taken the world like the time when we first got Internet. Everywhere you look, you see one or two LoL tournaments cropping up. And that's more than enough to tell you about the popularity of the title. Introduced back in 2009, according to a 2012 Forbes piece, League of Legends was the most played PC game in North America and Europe in terms of the number of hours played. Warning: League of Legends is absolutely addictive and might even get you the tag of a "lifeless noob." Well, you can't please 'em all.