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The 18-55mm lens that Nikon ships with its DSLRs has been around since 2005 and over the years, along with several updates, the lens has been a mainstay of every photographer's first camera, in the digital era. But, it's only inevitable that one would outgrow the kit lens. Here are some of the best Nikon lenses that one can consider as a step up from the 18-55.

Nikon 50mm

Nikon makes two entry-level 50mm lenses for its cameras. The lens with the lowest price (starting at around Rs. 5,500) is the 50mm F1.8 D. It also happens to be the oldest and the least compatible with Nikon DSLRs. The lens is a full-frame one and needs an external AF motor and will work with the D7200, but not with the D3200, the D5200 or the D5500. The better lens is possibly the 50mm F1.8 G. This lens features an in-built AF motor and will work with every Nikon DSLR camera in the market. Nikon also makes a pair of 50mm lenses with an F-number of 1.4. The only downside with these lenses is the lack of VR.

Nikon 55-200mm VR II

If one already has an 18-55mm lens, then a good option would be the 55-200 lens. This lens is priced at around Rs. 10,000 and is good for shooting birds and even portraits. The only downside is that it's relatively slow as the aperture ranges between F4 and F5.6. A lens like this is better suited for outdoor photography or with a flash. The Nikon 55-200mm lens also makes for a very good wildlife photography lens.

Nikon 55-300mm VR

Arguably the best Nikon lens for wildlife photography on a budget, the Nikon 55-300mm VR lens costs nearly twice as much as the 55-200mm VR II and takes the zoom factor from 4x to 6x. It's marginally slower than the 55-200mm VR II and has an F-number that ranges between F4.5 and F5.6. The only thing to watch out for with the Nikon 55-300mm lens is that it can get very unstable at 300mm and one would probably need to use a tripod for best results.

Nikon 18-140mm VR

While all the lenses mentioned above require that users carry two lenses everywhere they go, Nikon also has a more versatile offering in its stables. The Nikon 18-140mm VR is a relatively new lens and is priced at just under Rs. 25,000. A very versatile lens, it has a zoom factor of 7.8x and can very easily be a replacement for the 18-55mm lens. Nikon also makes a lens with a zoom range between 18 and 200mm, the Nikon 18-200mm lens, but it's a heavy lens and can also be expensive. The 18-140mm lens is definitely a worthy option for users looking for a lens that does it all.