From Momos to Red Ant Chatni: 29 Best Dishes Across India
From Momos to Red Ant Chatni: 29 Best Dishes Across IndiaWikiCommons/Jpatokal

We all have our own favourite food items. India is such a vast country, with such diverse cultures, that one can get a vast array of options to pick their favourite dish from. Every state in India has its own favourite food items.

When you're an Indian, it does not matter which state, or ethnic background you're from. It does not matter whether you have a sweet tooth, and love to devour rasgullahs by the dozens, or whether you love more than a bit of spice in your dish.

It does not matter whether you prefer to eat green and healthy vegetables, or whether you like to tear succulent chunks of meat off the bones. And for non vegetarians, it does not matter whether you like a light dish of fish or chicken, or whether you love to gorge on red meat like mutton or pork.

With the vast ethnic and cultural diversity that this country provides, there is always something for everyone. From Gujarat to Arunachal Pradesh, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, no matter where you go in this country, you are bound to find more than one tasty morsel from each region.

Here's a map that shows some of the favourite food items from each state in India. Click on the balloons to view the top dish from each state.