Besse Cooper, who is the world's oldest living person, turned 116 on Aug 26.

Born in 1896, Cooper became the world's oldest living person in June 2, 2011, after the death of supercentenarian Maria Gomes Valentim from Brazil.

On Sunday, Guinness World Records  presented Cooper with an updated award and held a birthday celebration at her nursing home residence in Monroe, Georgia.

According to Guinness World Records, Cooper is one of the eight supercentenarians who reached the age of 116.     

When asked about her secret to longevity she told the Guinness World Records that "I mind my own business. And I don't eat junk food."

On the occasion of her birthday, a recently completed bridge in New Hope Church Road, Monroe, was named after her by the Walton County Board of Commissioners, the Walton Tribune said.

Although, Cooper wasn't able to attend the ribbon cutting ceremony of the bridge on Aug 24, she sent a message through her son Sidney Cooper.

"I'm glad I gave them a reason to name it," Sidney said at the ceremony.

"The older she has gotten the wittier she has gotten," she told the newspaper.

Cooper, a former teacher, was born in Sullivan County, Tennessee, as Besse Berry Brown. In 1916, she graduated from East Tennessee State Normal School and worked as a school teacher before coming to Monroe during the World War I.

In 1924, she married Luther Cooper, who died in 1963, and had four children with him. At present, she has 12 grandchildren and several great-great-grandchildren.