Update, 1:32 p.m.: Senator Bernie Sanders defeated former secretary of state Hillary Clinton in Hawaii as well. The Western caucus contests were held Saturday in three states, including Washington and Alaska.

With 88 percent of the precincts reporting, Sanders won with 70.6 percent of the total votes, according to Associated Press. Clinton managed to get 29.2 percent of total votes.

Original Story:

Democratic presidential contender Bernie Sanders reportedly won the Western caucus contests held in Washington and Alaska Saturday, defeating party's front-runner Hillary Clinton in the race to earn the nomination for the presidential elections in the United States. 

In Washington, Sanders won 72.7 percent of the votes and Clinton 27.1 percent, while in Alaska, 81.6 percent votes went to the U.S. senator from Vermont and 18.4 percent to the former secretary of state. Voting was also held in Hawaii, according to Associated Press. 

Sanders expects to win the Hawaii caucus, Reuters reported. "We are making significant inroads in Secretary Clinton's lead and ... we have a path to victory. It is hard for anybody to deny that our campaign has the momentum," Sanders told supporters in Madison, Wisconsin. 

He told AP he hopes to close the delegate gap with Clinton in the coming days as contests are to be held in liberal northeastern states, including New York, where the contest is scheduled April 19.

"The Deep South is a very conservative part of the country. Now that we're heading into a progressive part of the country, we expect to do much better...There is a path to victory. With Clinton far in front, however, it is a difficult path," He said. 

As of Saturday, Clinton has 1,703 delegates, including eight and three she won in Washington and Alaska, respectively. Sanders, who won the Western Caucus, still needs to win a large amount of delegates to surpass Clinton. He had 23 delegates in Washington and 13 in Alaska, having a total of 985 delegates. 

A Democratic contender needs at least 2,383 delegates to grab the party nomination for the presidential election Nov. 8.