Delhi resident acquitted
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In an unusual case that took place in Bengaluru, a mother-in-law helped a woman get Rs 4 crore as permanent alimony from her son.

Haryana woman gangraped at the instance of husband for refusing to give divorce

The man Devanand Shivashankarappa Kashappanavar, son of the late former Karnataka minister S R Kashappanavar has now been directed by a city family court to pay the amount to his wife within 60 days. The verdict was pronounced on July 24, 2017.

However, DS Kashappanavar's wife shall forever remain grateful to her mother-in-law for supporting her in the court.

The daughter-in-law had submitted a petition in the court in 2015 to dissolve her four-year-old marriage and to seek alimony of Rs 4.85 crore. The 5th additional principal family court judge K Bhagya said that the couple had been living separately since February 12, 2012.

Despite the petitioner trying to resume their relationship, he refused to acknowledge it.

The judge has also pointed out that As per Section 13(1) 9(b) of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, if the desertion dates back to more than two years prior to filing of the petition for divorce, the petitioner is indeed entitled to a divorce.

Minister's son had 2 wives

DS Kashappanavar's mother, who is also the grandmother of her daughter-in-law, informed the court that despite being married to the petitioner, her son tied a knot with another woman and also had a child with her.

S R Kashappanavar's wife, in her affidavit has also informed the court that her son married another woman against the wishes of all elders and family members, and deserted the petitioner without fulfilling his marital obligations, reported Times of India.

She has further stated that her son, who earns a lot, owns acres of land, a quarrying business, and a Mercedes Benz SUV worth more than Rs 1 crore at his disposal.

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The petitioner was married against her wishes to DS Kashappanavar, her maternal uncle on May 22, 2011.When she confronted her husband about his other marriage, she was reportedly abused.

DS Kashappanavar, who had failed to appear before the court and contest the petition had said that he married her only to satisfy his late father's wishes.