Bengaluru witnessed massive traffic congestion on September 27, with vehicles stranded on roads for hours. The Outer Ring Road (ORR) area of the city was the worst hit, as people complained that they had been stuck there for over five hours.

This occurred a day after the Bengaluru bandh, called by 'Karnataka Jala Samrakshana Samiti', an umbrella outfit of farmers and Kannada organisations. A man's tweet about his kids coming home from school at 9pm due to massive traffic congestion in Bengaluru on September 27 has gone viral.

Ritesh Banglani shared a screenshot of an official government statement on X, which blamed the traffic disruptions on factors such as increased vehicle density, narrow roads, and poor lane discipline.

Bengaluru Video

"This is a disgraceful statement from the government. Instead of making excuses, maybe admit that Bangalore has no public transport, terrible drainage, badly maintained roads, and poor city planning. My children returned from school at 9 pm, and these guys are blaming the citizens," Banglani wrote in his tweet.

The tweet has since been retweeted over 1,000 times and liked over 6,000 times. Many people have commented on the tweet, expressing their frustration with the traffic situation in Bengaluru.

A Dominos delivery agents deliver Pizza to customer stuck in traffic. In another incident that has gone viral on social media, a Dominos customer in Bengaluru received his pizza delivery in the middle of a massive traffic jam.

Rishivaths, an X user, was stuck in traffic on Wednesday when he decided to order a pizza from Dominos. He posted a 30-second video on X of the moment the pizza was delivered to him in his car. The video shows two Dominos delivery agents arriving on a scooter and parking the vehicle next to Rishivaths' car. One of the delivery agents then hands over the pizza to Rishivaths through the car window.

Bengaluru ORR traffic update
Bengaluru ORR traffic updatevia X

"We are geniuses, guys," a woman can be heard saying in the background of the video. "When we decided to order from @dominos during the Bangalore choke. They were kind enough to track our live location (a few metres away from our random location added in the traffic) and deliver to us in the traffic jam. #Bengaluru #bengalurutraffic #bangaloretraffic," Rishivaths wrote in the caption of his post.

The video has been viewed over 100,000 times and has received over 5,000 likes. Many people have commented on the video, praising the Dominos delivery agents for their dedication and service.

The traffic congestion on September 27 has highlighted the city's growing traffic problem. Bengaluru is one of the fastest-growing cities in India, and its population is expected to reach 13 million by 2031. However, the city's infrastructure has not kept pace with its population growth, resulting in severe traffic congestion.