Natasha Natty aka Soma Majhi
Natasha Natty aka Soma MajhiPR Handout

Bengali Beauty Natasha Natty, whose actual name is Soma Majhi, is a model by profession. But like every model, she also aspires to become an actress and make it really big Bollywood.

Natasha is currently residing in Mumbai and she loves the City of lights, where she started her modeling career. She says that this city makes you face hurdles and become a good human being. In an interview to digital Guruji, she said, "Living in Mumbai not only makes you grow in your profession and face some hardships and challenges, but also makes you a better human being."

The aspiring actress says the city offers lot of opportunities and she prefers to work in Bollywood than Hollywood. She added, "There is something magical about India, especially in Mumbai. Here, life is in simple things. You can Work in diverse and there is a vast number of feature films, ad films and campaigns shot almost every day. I prefer Bollywood than Hollywood."

She watches interesting documentary films, to listen to old songs, whenever she gets free time. She's a travel lover and a fitness freak. Every day, she makes sure to exercise in order to stay fit and fabulous. She plans to become an actor in Bollywood. She wishes the manifestation of all her best intentions: peace of mind, lovely heart, strength in your struggle and victory in all her endeavours.

Talking about her routine, Natasha Natty says, "I don't follow a strict daily routine. I always go with the flow depending on what I have planned for that specific day. I sleep well, also eat healthy, and meditate every single day, and do my homework before a casting. Also I make sure to be on time while casting always. Whenever I get some free time I prefer to watch interesting documentary films or to listen old songs."