Jennifer Garner
Jennifer Garner is said to be getting more and more serious with her boyfriend, John MillerREUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

A tabloid has come up with claims that Jennifer Garner is engaged to her boyfriend John Miller. The publication went onto state that Ben Affleck has been heartbroken over the news.

According to Globe magazine's March issue, the 46-year-old actress instantly accepted the proposal. An alleged source said: "When he proposed, she was so happy. He just blurted it out over breakfast one day: 'Will you marry me?' When she said 'yes,' there was no hesitation."

"John is everything she always wanted in a partner — he's stable, confident and cute to boot!" the insider added.

"She wanted Ben to know, too," the source noted, adding that, "Ben's shattered over this, and the fear is that he will spiral back into depression and start boozing again." 

"He knows now there's no going back and, even though she insists she'll always be his 'friend, Jen is lost to him forever. He wants his wife back and he can't ever have her — he's miserable," the insider went on.

However, there has been no official report about Jennifer's engagement with John. And despite splitting up back in 2015, Ben and the Elektra star have remained friendly as they co-parent their three children - daughters Violet, 13, and Seraphina, 10, and son Samuel, 6.

Meanwhile, John was previously married to Caroline Campbell, a concert violinist. The two reportedly split in 2014 after nine years of marriage. He has two children from previous relationships.

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck
Actor Ben Affleck and actress Jennifer Garner pose during the 16th annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards at the Hollywood Palladium on January 14, 2011 in Los Angeles, CaliforniaChristopher Polk/Getty Images for VH1

In February, Jennifer had talked about her life in the spotlight and the constant media attention that came with being married to the Batman actor. She shared in a piece for the Wall Street Journal Magazine: "How do you adapt your career to your life? That's a big question. Becoming someone who is well known requires an enormous adaptation. Something Ben and I used to say to each other all the time is, 'We have to adapt.' We were surrounded by paparazzi. There were so many things you wouldn't expect. We'd be left alone more at Disneyland than we would at a [park
ing lot] in Santa Monica."

She continued, "Then there's having children and, in my case, a career that's a very selfish one. The combination of those things is the largest adaptation of all. When I had kids, I started considering how jobs worked for my family. How much am I going to ask of my partner and kids? What's worth it and what isn't?"