Mat Damon and Ben Affleck
Mat Damon and Ben AffleckReuters

Every time the Oscar-winning writer and actor duo Matt Damon and Ben Affleck does something amazing, fans get reminded how amazing their friendship is. On National Best Friends Day 2016, Affleck reminded us yet again why they are the real #FriendshipGoals.

From winning an Oscar together for writing "Good Will Hunting" to co-producing "Project Greenlight," Affleck and Damon have been through a lot together in Hollywood. From time to time fans also get to see glimpses of their real-life friendship.

The most popular display of their friendship has always been on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" Most fans would have already seen the video songs "I'm F------ Matt Damon," sung by Kimmel's then-girlfriend Sarah Silverman, and "I'm F------ Ben Affleck" sung by Kimmel.

The duo has also united for charitable causes like Omaze, where they took shots at each other. Despite the comedic bickering, their love for each other is clearly evident in this video:

Now, Affleck has shared a collage of photos of his best pal Damon on Instagram to commemorate Best Friends Day: