Ben Affleck-Jennfier Garner divorce is not only one of the most shocking splits in Hollywood, but is also very controversial. Especially, after rumours went wild that "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" actor's alleged affair with nanny Christine Ouzounian was one of the main causes leading to the couple's split after 10 years of marriage.

While all these days there were only speculations about Christine Ouzounian's role in the high-profile divorce, now it looks like all air will be cleared, reported OK! Magazine. In the latest issue of the magazine, a source close to the nanny has apparently said that Ouzounian doesn't see anything wrong in the relationship she shared with Ben and that she is ready to dole out all the details in an explosive tell-all.

The source has revealed a lot of private stuff and has claimed that Ben has always wanted to keep the relationship and the details of it under wraps.

"It's exactly what Ben and Jen have been fearing. She's going to air all their dirty laundry," the source said.

"Ben and Christine wasted no time in getting physical with each other and she was thrilled when he joined her in the shower afterward," the source added.

The source, who according to the report is a close pal of Christine, went ahead and said that Jennifer Garner had her suspicions from the beginning and that Ben Affleck continued to keep in touch with the nanny even after the divorce.

"Garner suspected something was going on, almost from the very beginning, especially when she would constantly find Affleck with Ouzounian in another room leaning in to each other, whispering," the source said.

"Ben put Christine up at the posh Hotel Bel-Air to keep her quiet, though she still texts him as much as 20 times a day," the source added.

And after all this, the source claimed that Ben is not interested in Christine anymore and is seeking help from Jennifer to keep the details of his affair a secret. "They want Christine to go away for good. With everything she could say about them, she's like a ticking time bomb," the source said.

Well, we still wonder how true is nanny Christine Ouzounian's affair story when it comes to Ben Affleck-Jennifer Garner divorce.