Shivaraj Kumar without machetes is quite difficult for his fans to imagine. In his latest movie "Belli", he will be seen on a throne of swords (Reminds me of "Game of Thrones"). He has paired up with Kriti Kharbanda, who is a fast-growing actress in Sandalwood.

"Belli" is directed by Mussanje Mahesh and produced by HR Rajesh. It has V.Sridhar's music, KS Chandrashekar's cinematography and Deepu S Kumar's editing.

Belli alias Basavaraj comes from a village to the city to earn livelihood. Underworld welcomes him and gives him bread and butter. He works for a politician played by Guru Dutt. But his boss gets killed by the rivals and he seeks revenge against them. 

Belli starts eliminating one after the other and this makes him most wanted rowdy in the city. But also he wishes to bid goodbye to the dark world which never becomes a reality. In the meantime, his name features in the hit list prepared by cops. On the other end, he falls for Sneha (Kriti Kharbanda), who is the sister of a police officer. How he struggles to save his love? You should watch the film to know it.

First of all, "Belli" has shades of many popular movies of Shivaraj Kumar. Notably, the film reminds his classics like "Om and "Jogi" along with Kiccha Sudeep's "Huccha". The story is laced with romance, mother sentiment and twists. While the first half is well-written and entertaining, the second half is not upto the mark. The climax portion is quite disappointing. Overall, the lack of comedy elements fail to keep audience's attention.

Shivaraj Kumar shines with his electrifying performance. His involvment in action sequences and his expressions during sentimental scenes show his versatility. Kriti Kharbhanda is a treat to watch. Rest other have done justice to their roles.

Technically, background score by V Sridhar is appreciable. Action sequences have been choreographed well, cinematography and editing are above average.

Verdict: "Belli" could have been handled a lot better. But Shivaraj Kumar's fans will love it.

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Shahshiprasad SM Posted
#Belli is one bit of Om, 2 bits of Jogi and a disappointment overall

Sky Treasure Wrote
#Belli could have directed well! but good acting by shivaraj kumar. Too much flash back is injurious to viewers :P

Sandesh Mysore Tweeted:
Even b4 shivanna evergreen beauty sudharani in screen #belli
Never ending frmshp between raj n chi family #belli
Shree mad venkataramana govinda anthem of #belli

Shyam Prasad Wrote:
#Belli is one bit of Om, 2 bits of Jogi and a disappointment overall
#Belli starts a series of murders
#Belli 147 minutes. U/A. The show begins in #Kapali

Belli Movie Review
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