Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid may have flashed a bit too much when she stepped out in New York City on Saturday dressed in an all-white ensemble.

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The Victoria's Secret model, who was previously dating The Weeknd, was dressed in a tight-fitting workout gear that highlighted her camel toe. But what caused a stir was the pattern on her leggings that made it seem as if she had a bulge in her crotch area.

"Is it supposed to look like she has a bulge on purpose??" tweeted celebrity blogger Perez Hilton. Soon, a number of his followers began to chime in criticising the look.

"Those are probably men's pants with a built in cup," wrote one. "No. Just no. Just as bad as the camel toe underwear ... ugh," added another.

Hadid recently opened up about her faith saying she was proud to be a Muslim. Hadid opened up about her faith in the new issue of Porter magazine.


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"My dad was a refugee when he first came to America, so it's actually very close to home for my sister [Gigi] and brother [Anwar] and me," she shared, addressing the issue over the Muslim ban.

When US President Donald Trump announced his immigration ban back in January, Bella and her sister Gigi were among the many who joined the No Ban No Wall march in New York. At the time she told Elle that her "diverse background" has taught her to treat others with respect and kindness.

She said: "We shouldn't treat people as if they don't deserve kindness just because of their ethnicities. It's just not right. And that message — to be compassionate whenever possible — that's so important to me."