If you've just bought a shiny new iPhone X, or an iPhone 8, the first thing you'd sensibly do is get a tempered glass to guard the screen of your pricey device.

However, most screen-protectors in the market are cheap and don't perfectly fit the devices they are made for. Moreover, getting them set on the device is a painstaking task that often ends in out-of-place screen protectors.

That's where Belkin's unique screen protector application system kicks in.

The accessory brand has announced a first-of-its-kind screen protector application system called 'Trueclear Pro Advanced Screen Care (TCP) for Apple iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus in India, along with a new Tempered Glass for the latest iPhone X.

Belkin TrueClear screen protector application system
Belkin TrueClear Pro Advanced Screen Care application system makes sure the screen protector is perfectly in place on your new iPhone deviceBelkin Rress Release kit

TrueClear Pro Advanced Screen Care is an award-winning patented application system designed to apply Belkin's screen protectors to devices with accuracy. The screen protection application is carried out by highly trained, certified screen-care specialists, ensuring precision with no misalignment or air bubbles.

What's more, Belkin is offering the service absolutely free of charge to all customers who buy Belkin's "InvisiGlass Ultra" and "Tempered Glass" screen protectors, which are compatible with the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and also with the iPhone 6, 6S, 7 and 7 Plus.

According to Belkin, the TrueClear Pro application system works best with its high-performance overlays — InvisiGlass and Tempered Glass.

Belkin InvisiGlass
Belkin InvisGlass UltraBelkin Rress Release kit

The InvisiGlass Ultra is made of Accessory Glass 2 which is manufactured by Corning (the maker of Gorilla Glass), and is just 0.21mm thick. Its thin profile helps preserve touch-sensitivity.

Belkin also claims the InvisiGlass Ultra screen protector offers up to five times improvement in scratch-resistance, increased drop performance and reduced scratch visibility.

Belkin has also announced a new Tempered Glass for the iPhone X which is just 0.33mm thick and comes with 9H Hardness for scratch, scuff and impact resistance.

Announcing the launch, Dae-Won Kim, Belkin Managing Director, said: "The TrueClear Pro system embodies the spirit of Belkin, embracing customer services through innovative technology driven by precision that lends to a better product experience. We have made our new line of screen protection better than ever, and we believe the best in the market."

Price and availability:

Belkin InvisiGlass Ultra screen protector + Free TrueClear Pro Advanced Screen Care application is priced at Rs 2,299 for the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 and iPhone 8 series, while the Tempered Glass + Free TrueClear Pro Advanced Screen Care application for iPhone X is priced at Rs 2,999.

The screen protectors and free application service can be availed at Apple's Premium Reseller 'Imagine' stores across India.

(Note: The information has been sourced from a Belkin Press Release)