Yuvraj Singh and Hazel Keech
Yuvraj Singh and Hazel KeechInstagram

Cricketer Yuvraj Singh's wife, Hazel Keech, who had been a victim of depression, opened up about the reasons that make people from showbiz face mental issues.

Hazel said that people in showbiz are often told negative things about their physical appearance, which makes them feel they are not good enough.

"Mental health issues derive from a feeling or believe that I'm not good enough. I can't say definitively that mine did or didn't come from showbiz since I've been performing since I was 5. But yes, being in an industry where you're constantly poked, prodded and dissected and told 'parts of your face or body is fine but other parts need to be surgically altered' and that you're not pretty/slim/tall/sexy enough does chip away at your self-esteem. Thankfully, asking for help is becoming less and less of a taboo these days," Hindustan Times quoted the Bodyguard actress as saying.

Talking about the changes in life she experienced after marriage, Hazel said that it is difficult to manage a married life, but if done in proper manner, it is blissful.

Hazel Keech, Yuvraj Singh
Hazel Keech, Yuvraj SinghInstagram

"Being married is a lot of hard work, more than I anticipated. Being a star's wife, as you say, means getting used to people asking for photos, sometimes following us, chasing us, which is also something that's not new to me, only with Yuvi it's on a much larger scale. Marriage is a lot more work and effort, but when you find its rhythm and synergy, you're like it's the best thing I've done in my life so far," Yuvraj's wife added.

Hazel had some time ago undergone a nose surgery as she was facing issues in breathing. The actress spoke about it on Instagram, and had also said that it was her mother-in-law who made her undergo the surgery.