Beiimaan Love
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Director Rajeev Chaudhari had promised that Sunny Leone will be seen in a completely different avatar in Beiimaan Love. The director has kept the promise to some extent, but the attempt is not good enough to put an impact.

Beiimaan Love features Sunny Leone as a bold and successful businesswoman. However, the source of her success originates from a revenge. The film is a revenge drama that showcases how a woman betrayed in love, destroys the person she loved.


Sunny plays the character of a working woman and model-turned-actor Rajniesh Duggall is seen as a rich Casanova. He comes across Sunny at a night club and misbehaves with her in an inebriated condition, following which she replies back with a slap.

Rajniesh is not someone who would forget the humiliation and starts digging out the whereabouts of the woman. Finding himself fortunate enough that Sunny is an employee in his father's company, Rajniesh gets into a bet with his brother-in-law saying that he will bring her to his bed in just 10 days.

Sunny eventually falls prey to his "beiimaan love" and then follows some steamy love-making scenes. However, things take a dramatic turn and Rajniesh becomes bound to marry Sunny. Soon, a new twist comes for which Rajniesh rejects Sunny, confessing that everything he did was only to win a bet.

Sunny's mother could not bear the pain of her daughter's broken engagement and commits suicide. This leaves Sunny totally heart-broken and she sets out to avenge the betrayal and her mother's death.


Sunny is seen portraying a much serious character in Beiimaan Love than her previous films and the actress has improved in her acting as well. However, she still has a long way to go. Rajniesh and Sunny's chemistry is hot and the actress gets full marks again for turning up the mercury level.

But the plot of Beiimaan Love does not offer anything special. Sunny's real-life husband Daniel Weber too has made his Bollywood debut with a special appearance in the movie. However, looking at his performance, it is better if this remains his first and last on-screen appearance. The film has an unexpected, but abrupt climax as it would leave you wondering for few minutes if the movie is actually over or not.


In a nutshell, Beiimaan Love presents Sunny in a little different shade, but it's just not impressive enough and you can watch it only if you are a die-hard fan of the sizzling diva.