Pianist Slava Svjatoslav Presnyakov gave one of the most famous pieces in classical music, Beethovens Für Elise, a 1920s twist. He said he wanted to take on the famous and over-played piece by Beethoven in order to make it cool for YouTube users.

Presnyakov said he drew his inspiration from a ragtime interpretation of Für Elise played by Ethan Uslan, but the Amsterdam-based artist added and his own take on the music and decided to set his version in the 1920s. He said the period reminded him of gangster times so he decided to dress the part and create the whole scene in a Presnyakov Music Productions Studio.

Presnyakov graduated from the Conservatory of Amsterdam in 2010 with a Masters degree in classical piano. Together with his father, Igor Presnyakov, they started their own production company in 2011 and he has been making videos and creating other audiovisual productions ever since.