Director Nag Ashwin put out a thought-provoking tweet on Saturday morning presenting his views on theatres re-opening and how could it increase footfalls. The director said that serving beer/Breezer/wine like other countries might likely save the business.

He wrote, "Once In a talk with Suresh Babu Garu and Rana, it came up what if theatres get a license to serve Beer/Breezer/Wine, like in other countries..could it increase footfalls...could it save the theatre business (which does need saving)...what do you think? Good idea, bad idea?." (sic)


This might sound like an idea which would work for the producers, as they are trying very hard to re-open theatres and make audiences come back running to the theatres. But keeping the present circumstances in mind, netizens have not liked this idea much.

Backlash from netizens

One of the Twitter users replied to Nag Ashwin that it would make keep the family audiences away from stepping into theatres and not everyone might be comfortable with this idea.

Nag Ashwin
Nag AshwinFacebook

'What do u think theatres need to do to get people back?'

To this Ashwin replied, "So will keep the family audience away...can be an option at few multiplexes maybe, but not a solution...what do u think theatres need to do to get ppl back? to increase audience...will you come back as soon as theatres open or wait & watch for a few weeks before going?." (sic)

Netizens have come up with better ideas than Nag Ashwin. From giving movie passes by theatres management to taking all the necessary safety measures, they say there are a lot of solutions, and selling alcohol-based drinks is not the one.

On the other hand, fans of Prabhas have something else to ask the director. All they need is back to back updates on the film, the role of the Saaho actor, and other members of the cast.