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Beef ban in Maharashta has become the hot topic of discussion at tinsel town. With many celebs reacting on the matter, Twitter and other social media pages have been flooded with comments on the matter with the hashtag #beefban.

Raveena Tandon, Nimrat Kaur, Uday Chopra and many B-town celebs have posted their reactions on social media.

Check out the reaction on beef ban of Bollywood celebs below:

Raveena Tandon

Basically all Hindus were vegetarian as they respected all living forms on earth and that's how tree worship and animal worship started ...

My only take on beef issue that it should not be enforced,it should be optional... To eat or not to eat,is a personal choice..

Farhan Akhtar

So now in Maharashtra you can have a beef with someone but you can't have beef with someone.

Tanuj Garg

A cow can now step out after dark and wear what she likes #BeefBan #Maharashtra

Shirish Kunder

Hope someone has given the good news to the cows. #BeefBan

The careers of so many cows are at steak. #BeefBan

Do not be surprised if the cows are given voting rights in the next election. #BeefBan 

Nimrat Kaur

No beef. Now no jokes on this please.

Kamaal R Khan

I am thankful to BJP for #BeefBan but when will they do #RapeBan

Only poor #2RsPpl eat beef n these people only gave vote to #BJP so I am really happy tat #BJP is giving them good reward. #BeefBan

Vishal Dadlani

It'd be amazing, if M'tra govt. showed the same urgency in tending to real problems such as water & power, as they have for the #BeefBan

Where farmers commit suicide daily & kids die hungry, they want to build a massive statue and ban beef! What a solution-oriented government!

It'd be amazing, if M'tra govt. showed the same urgency in tending to real problems such as water & power, as they have for the #BeefBan

Iqbal Khan

Noban for cigarettes and alcohol but beef ban.really silly

Sid Mallya

So if I was to go to someone's house for dinner and they served me a steak, would I automatically become an accessory to the crime? #BeefBan 

Or is it some kind of elaborate stitch up? #BeefBan

Uday Chopra

Beef gets banned...on the plus side, less red meat in our diet is a good thing...on the not so plus side...another step towards a theocratic state

Abhijit Majumder

If we can kill poultry, goats, fish, or plants for food, cow should be fair game. Shouldn't impose #beefban to assert my religious identity

Anubhav Sinha

"Re Meat na mila re mann ka" Song from Abhiman in a different light today. #BeefBan

Aarti Chabria

#BeefBan ? Well i dont eat beef anyway.. But seriously???

Vir Das

Dear Maharashtra Govt, such favouritism! You just lost the entire chicken and goat vote bank

I've got a beef with this whole no beef thing.

Dear Govt. With beef, let's ban teeth. We can live on vegetable smoothies and this way your politicians can't make hate speeches anymore :-)