Rukhsar Rehman

Popular actress Rukhsar Rehman has been in the industry for over two decades. She made her debut film in 1992 at the age of 17 with a lead role in Deepak Anand's Yaad Rakhegi Duniya opposite Aditya Pancholi. She has also appeared in JK Bihari's Inteha Pyar Ki opposite Rishi Kapoor. After a sabbatical, she was back with a bang in the year 2005, and since then there is no stopping for her.

From films to television to international cinema, she has been part of all mediums. Known her effervescent acting prowess and charismatic personality, Rukhsar never fails to wow her audience. 

The actress is not only a celebrity but also an efficient homemaker and mother of Aisha Ahmad (social media star, actor and influencer).

In an exclusive conversation with International Business Times, India, Rukshar Rehman spoke about her recently released web series 'The Gone Game', struggles that she faced in her career,  despite being a mother what makes her seek help from her daughter Aisha Ahmad and more.

Excerpts from the conversation:

Ruksgar Rehman

Apart from shooting, what were the significant challenges that you faced while shooting at the home?

My co-star not being around wasn't a challenge for me. Very humbly I can say that as an actor I can say my lines and imagine that my co-star is there. That's why we are actors we have to imagine things which are there. For me, the biggest challenge was that at the end of the day it was my house if it's studio things can be managed well. But if you are shooting at home puri family hai ghar mein, time ka dhyaan rakhna hota hai lunchtime, lighting. These things need to be taken care of. But I am glad that directors online would guide me.

Rukshar Rehman

Are you happy with the way your career has shaped up?

I started my career as a lead actress. When I made a comeback, I did Sarkar. For me, it's not a big thing or I don't aspire to do only leads. If a role is enticing and good, I take it up. I don't have this in mind that if I'm 30 or 40 years old I must play 25 years old on-screen. I have no hang-ups. I want to act, I love acting. It gives me pleasure and I feel good after doing character-driven roles. I believe jo hota hai acche ke liye hota hai.  I am happy and content with the way my career has shaped up.

Rukhsar Rehman

Continuing further, she said:

I never wanted to become an actor, it was destined and when I became an actor, I embraced everything that came my way. I have worked in films and international theatre. I'm a homemaker as well. At times I forget that I'm an actor too. When I'm on social media, or when I am shooting, I suddenly remember oh yes, I'm an actor. Having said that, there were ups and downs in my career too. Mehnat hui hai, it's all worth it. People love and appreciate my work.

Aisha Ahmad

Your daughter Aisha Ahmad is also in this industry? As a mother did you guide her or help her shape her career?

Aisha was studying when she got her first commercial I guess she was in her 12th standard, her exams were supposed to start and she was offered a commercial. She asked me about the commercial, and we decided what she wanted to do at that time, as she was a minor  I travelled with her for the commercial. That's how her journey began. After that, I didn't travel with her for the shoots. I have been in this industry for over years and Mashallah, I have never faced anything bad in this Industry that I get paranoid. I never felt aise kuch hoga. So as a mother, whenever she needs help or guidance I am always there for her. Yes, for late-night shoots we have our staff who is there with her. When she is travelling alone to an altogether new city or abroad, I get worried and often tell her ki yaha mat jao, be careful which every normal mother would say.

Aisha Ahmad

When can we see both you and Aisha on-screen?

We will be seen in a photoshoot soon. I am looking forward to working with my daughter and would love to do it, let's see when it happens. 

Aisha Ahmad and Rukhsar rehman

Who is the critique in your house?

We are honest with each other. I tell Aisha, but at times I can be wrong, as there is a generation gap, wherein we might differ. Projects mein I take Aisha ka advice. With technology coming in a lot of things have changed, so I have started taking advice from her. I'm a very big critique of my husband's work. 

Rukshar Rehman

OTT has picked up, will this impact the theatres once it re-opens?

In theatres, you can only see films. While on OTT you can watch a variety of stuff like documentaries, short films, web series. Having said that theatre mein film dekna is an experience, it's like an outing. After the theatres reopen bahut fark nai padega. The one who love watching a film in cinema halls will keep doing so. 

Rukshar Rehman

What do you enjoy more?

My patience level is less. I believe in the word of mouth publicity. I watch those films jisko dekhne mein mazza ata ho. I watch films which I can enjoy. If someone says yeh dekh lo toh I see.

Aisha Ahmad

Fan moment between you and Aisha!

Two years back we went to Dubai (me Aisha n my husband) for New Year's eve. And we were just relaxing at the beach, we saw young Indian girls, aged 16-17 years old. When those girls saw us, one of the girls came to us and started crying, she told Aisha that she loves her show 'Adulting and her equation with her roommate is similar. Then she clicked pictures with Aisha and we calmed her down. Aisha is a little shy, toh she got so touched she introduced me but the girls didn't recognise me. I was so touched and I feel so good that Aisha has made a mark in her career. As a mother its was a proud moment for me.

Rukshar Rehman

Lastly, fan message

For Aisha's fans, all I want to say is thank you for accepting her and loving her. She works hard, and she is a very dedicated artist. And to my fans Shukriya Mujhe itna Pyaar dia hai, keep giving me this kind of love. I love you all, I will always keep entertaining you all.

Rukshar Rehman