Alisha Sah

Makeup dates back into our history almost 6000 years ago but modern-day make-up is not just about getting ready for functions or festivities. It is much more than that. Makeup is a lifestyle. It is essential but more than that it is has become an expression of self-confidence, i.e. being comfortable in wearing makeup that boosts your confidence. Makeup today is mostly regulated by social media trends and trendsetters. There is make-up for every individual be it minimalist or a novice, from subtle to bold. It's all about creating your own space in the industry with going beyond the conventional ways of makeup and beauty

Make-up artist Alisha Sah has been a follower of her visions and has worked beyond the conventional beauty trends. She defines beauty as an expression. From being in front of the camera as an artist, model in the early days of her career to dolling up artists and celebrities on big screens and setting up her makeup studio in Surat. She has undergone and lived through all the stages of being the professional that she is today. She is an Internationally certified cosmetologist by Christine Valmy International School of Aesthetics & Cosmetology and a make-up educator. Every phase has been a learning experience in her life.

She has had an exciting journey full of highs and lows. She stresses the importance of focussing on results. She says that clients look for reliable, result in oriented make-up artists that can help them express their beauty, boost their self-esteem. She believes beauty and well-being go hand in hand and is continuously working towards this vision. She also shares some go-to tips about make-up here:

Keep your brushes and sponges clean. Yes, it sounds like a task but not only will this stop germs and bacteria from spreading, but it will also drastically improve the application of the products and therefore, the overall look of your make-up.

  1. Before starting your make-up it is very important to use C T M P P (Cleansing, Toning, Moisturising, Protection (sunscreen) and Primer) method. It protects your skin from the layers of make-up products.
  2.  Do not use a face wash or cleanser directly to remove make-up. Instead, use oil (baby oil or coconut oil) or cleansing balm to quickly remove your make-up and sunscreen. AN d then double cleanse with any face wash or cleanser that suits your skin type. ​
  3.  A quick tip to remove that heavy party make-up is to take quick 2 to 5 min steam to deeply cleanse and hydrate your skin.

Her constant efforts to evolve and create a difference through her knowledge are quite evident in the kind of initiatives she is working on.

She quoted "Beauty doesn't have to be superficial". It's the inner beauty and confidence that one must have in them be it with or without make-up.