Beauty and the Beast
The CW will air 'Beauty and the Beast' season 3 episode 4 titled 'Heart of the Matter' this Thursday, 2 June, at 8pm.Facebook/Beauty and the Beast

In the latest episode of "Beauty and the Beast," Vincent and Cat's marriage will be tested once again. The couple will try to save their relationship in every way possible but the story will halt at a crucial question: Is love enough to sustain a marriage?

In Season 4 episode 5 of the hit CW show, Vincent will begin to question all of his life's decisions starting and ending with Cat. The beast in the 21st century retelling of the classic will want to alienate himself after he has a vision of how his wife's life could have turned out if he didn't marry her.

The promo for the upcoming episode captures a scene in which Cat marries a stranger and lives a happy life. In reality, she is married to the person she loves, but lives in fear. It is this realisation that will impel Vincent to move away from. But will he do it?

Even if Vincent doesn't abandon his wife in Season 4 episode 5, he will however be on the run with Cat. The couple will go into hiding once they learn of the threat to Vincent's life. So far, Cat has been extremely supportive of her husband, but will this constant fear start to break her? This remains to be seen.

Season 4 episode 5's synopsis (via TV Guide) reads:

When Vincent and Cat are forced into hiding due to his being someone's target, he wonders what life would have been like for her without him in it — and gets a glimpse of just that.

"Beauty and the Beast" Season 4 episode 5 airs at 9 p.m. EST on Thursday, June 30, on The CW. You can live-stream the episode via CWINGO.