Beauty and the Beast
'Beauty and the Beast' will be back on The CW with season 3 by 21 May.Facebook/Beauty and the Beast

When "Beauty And The Beast" returns on The CW with season 3 premiere titled "Beast of Wallstreet" on Thursday, 21 May, it will focus on Catherine 'Cat' Chandler (Kristin Kreuk) - Vincent Keller (Jay Ryan) romance.

In season 2, the fan favourite couple did not have many sequence to their love, but the upcoming season will mainly revolve around their romantic life.

Earlier, executive producer Brad Kern revealed that the idea of establishing Cat and Vincent as two separate characters interrupted the show badly so the upcoming season will focus more on their romance.

"Now that we have the loyal audience, the goal is to make it more Cat-Vincent centric. We'll continue to build the mythology. Everything else will service and work around that love," he told The Hollywood Reporter.

During the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour, actor Austin Basis also teased about the lead couple's relationship. "It's always been Vincent and Catherine against the world, and so now that's specifically, actually going to be the case," he told People's Choice.

According to him, the domestic aspect of beauty and the beast living together without these forces pulling them apart and functioning as a normal couple will be the main focus of season 3.

Meanwhile, a photo shared by  "Degrassi" actor Pat Mastroianni on Twitter last December captured the attention of many "Beauty And The Beast" fans. The image, which was taken at the set, showed Kreuk wearing an engagement ring.

Though Mastroianni immediately deleted the picture and uploaded a cropped one, some of his followers were quick enough to save and repost it again. 

Though there are no official confirmation on whether the ring is part of the character's costume or not, TV Line stated that Cat and Vincent will seek the help of a marriage counsellor for a balance between their personal and professional lives.

So viewers of The CW series can really expect to see Cat and Vincent taking their relationship forward in "Beauty And The Beast" season 3. 

However, everything will not be smooth and fine in the upcoming season as a major character is preparing to make an exit from the show. A recent spoiler by E!Online stated that one of the four main leads will end up in hospital bed but Tess Vargas (Nina Lisandrello) is excluded from the list.

Since Cat and Vincent are the leads it could probably be JT Forbes (Austin Basis), who was in a life or dead situation last season. Actor Basis is also not very optimistic about his character's faith as he said that the mystery drug "hasn't been on the market, and it's not FDA-approved" adding, "I don't trust anything that's not FDA-approved."

He even revealed that the storyline of JT and Tess will be side kicked in the upcoming season as they "encopresis" themselves in trying to find out the unknown forces.

In the meantime, actor Anthony Sherwood will join "Beauty And The Beast" team in season 3 as Detective O'Hara, reported Enstarz.