Since the start of the season 3 of "Beauty and the Beast", Catherine and Vincent have struggled to overcome their problems. In a realistic depiction of the couple's problems, the two even go to a therapist. However, just when they are about to tie the knot, their wedding is disrupted by Liam's forces. Though Vincent and Catherine escape the attack, it tests their relationship.

In episode 9 of "Beauty and the Beast" titled "Cat's out of the Bag", Vincent and Catherine still struggle to be on the same page. As Vincent vows to fight Liam, Catherine decides to stay away from the threat.

This narrative takes a sharp turn from the plot so far. The fight against Liam has always been personal to Catherine and one that she has never wanted to abandon. However, in the promo for episode 9, she tells Liam, "This is not our fight."

While Liam's reaction and his plan at this point isn't clear, we can safely expect another attack from Liam. To be sure, he's one of the most dangerous and unpredictable villain on TV so far. And this week's episode depicts his diabolical nature in all its deviousness.

According to CarterMatt, Vincent will try to find clues on Juliana's dead body and track Liam. Although he faces staunch opposition from Catherine, he will strive to persuade her and look at things anew.

Vincent's plans can achieve two things: the hunt for Liam could get stronger. Addtionally, the engaged couple could finally be on the same page.

Nevertheless, will Catherine agree to team up with Vincent?

Beauty and the Beast Episode 9, "Cat's Out of the Bag" airs on Thursday, 6 August at 8pm on CBS. You can live stream it here