The Beatles released their final album in 1970 but the impact that they had on the world of music is legendary. Even today, you can often come across someone sporting a John Lennon or a Beatles t-shirt on the streets of urban India. Such is their legacy.

In an age where music streaming is slowly becoming the primary source of music consumption, Indian streaming service Saavn has brought the entire catalogue of The Beatles to the country and made it available for online streaming. Remastered versions of the 13 studio albums by The Beatles, along with six essential collections, will be available on the streaming service starting today. This release will make Saavn the first Indian service to legally feature the entire catalogue of The Beatles. (see the full catalogue here)

"I grew up listening to The Beatles, and have always felt a special link with them because of their famous love for Indian culture and music. I am thrilled, both as Saavn's Co-Founder and, simply, as a music lover, that their unmatched sound will finally be available for streaming on an Indian platform," said Paramdeep Singh, co-founder and executive chairman of Saavn, in a statement.

Not only are The Beatles one of the best-selling international artistes of all time in India, but John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and George Harrison – aka The Beatles – have been influenced by the Indian culture as well. "The Beatles (The White Album)," released in November 1968, was written during the band's stay at Rishikesh, India. The songs from the album were greatly influenced by Indian philosophies and the country's culture. In fact, even after disbanding in 1970, each of the band members went on to include Indian instrumentation on their solo songs from time to time.