The Walking Dead
Cast members Sarah Wayne Callies (R) and Andrew Lincoln pose during a photocall to promote her television series "the Walking Dead" at the annual MIPCOM television programme market in Cannes, southeastern France, October 5, 2010.Reuters

As season five of "Walking Dead" progresses, fans might see Andrew Lincoln's character of Rick Grimes without his facial hair, and not everyone is happy with the development.

Facebook page The Spoiling Dead Fans was the first to report the news of a "beardless" Rick. "They still appear to be filming. Also, 'beardless' Rick still seems to be on set," the Spoiling Dead Fans post noted early this week, leaving fans wondering how this would affect the storyline.

Rick's beard has been a testimony to all the hurdles he has gone through, and fans are displeased that he got rid of it. This has led to a good number of fans wondering if other characters such as Daryl would now cut his hair.

"I wanna cry, that beard was awesome. He looked so good with it. He won't look as badass as before. Sad," wrote one fan about Rick's beardless look, while another said she hoped Daryl wouldn't take a page out of Rick's book. "Nooooooooooooo, I don't want Daryl's hair cut, lol. I hope he doesn't go that route, he didn't cut it at the seems like it would be the last thing on his mind," the fan's post noted.

Lincoln recently spoke to Entertainment Weekly about his relationship with his beard, saying that he wanted to grow it more to suit the brutal theme of season five.

"I love this beard, it's become a very close friend. But the moment I get a razor I'd consider shaving it off," he said. And, if The Spoiling Dead Fans post is indeed true, then Lincoln seems to have had a date with a razor.

Meanwhile, showrunner Scott M. Gimple told Entertainment Weekly that the season would define the choices each character made in the previous seasons.

"You know, last year it was is Rick the farmer or the gunslinger? Now, it's like, okay, he's definitely not the farmer, he's the gunslinger. But what does that mean? Who is he going to be? What is his identity going to be at the end of the day if he can't go back? It's going to be an interesting journey for all of these characters.

"A lot of them had much better journeys to Terminus than others. Some of them actually came out ahead, some of them had incredible losses. This season, they all kind of wind up in the same place. Physically, that's beginning, and emotionally, I think that's going to catch up with each other," he added.