Exclusive: Beam Messenger, App With A Cool Concept Of Real Time Messaging, Goes Live In India
Beam Lets You Read What Other Person Is Typing In Real Time; App Launches In IndiaGoogle Play Store /Beam

The messaging field is booming with innovations and improvements that ensure security alongside new features. Ephemeral messages are widely popular with companies like Snapchat popularizing the new concept of self-disappearing messages. A step ahead is a new app called Beam, which is a real-time messaging service

Beam conveys the message as you are typing it, without needing to be delivered, ABC News reports.

If that sounds a bit strange, the app's unique features can clearly explain the new system. In Beam, a potential recipient can read the message as you type it. End result- a cool way to tell others what you think without sending an actual message and ensuring total security in the process.

According to the app's description on Google Play Store, "Beam is the closest you will get to having a verbal conversation in a messaging app. Everything happens in real time - texting, reading, interrupting, and taking back the last thing you wrote."

Other popular messaging services like WhatsApp show when a user is typing a message but it is as far as it gets. However, Beam takes messaging to a whole new level by showing what users are typing in real-time, which keeps the other user engaged at all times. This feature can be extremely useful when typing those lengthy messages. And security is totally ensured.

"Nothing is truly stored, so conversations are always dynamic," the company says of Beam. "Due to its Real Time nature, the messages are inherently secure. No single message is ever delivered; letters simply arrive on your phone in an organized fashion. "

Beam is currently available on the Android platform and is still in beta. Due to some early errors, the app makers have stopped new signups for Beam. Folks can register their interest on the company's site by entering their email address and wait for an invite when the next batch opens up. An iOS version is currently not available but is expected to arrive soon.

Watch the video below that shows the cool new Beam app in action.