Xiumin is especially very pretty, says South Korean actress Han Hye-jin.Facebook/Xiumin

A statement from popular South Korean actress cum model Han Hye-jin has sparked several speculations about her secret relationship with EXO member Xiumin a.k.a Kim Min-seok.

The 34-year-old recently expressed her interest in listening to the young heartthrob's songs during her appearance in the popular music show called Kim Shin Young's Hope Song at Noon.

When the show host asked her if she is an admirer of the Lotto singer, the Jumong actress revealed that she enjoys listening to his songs on a daily basis.

"Xiumin's especially very pretty. It makes me happy just by looking at him," AllKpop quoted her as saying.

However, this is not the first time Hye-jin is expressing her affection towards the music group and its 26-year-old singer.

Last month, the actress of Be Strong, Geum-soon fame appeared in a popular MBC variety show titled I Live Alone, wherein she chose to play the music tracks of Xiumin and stated that focused music videos are the best. The actress even revealed that she prefers EXO songs during her work out session.

Hye-jin is known for her role as Soseono in the popular historical drama Jumong and as the first Korean female doctor of Western medicine in SBS mini-series Jejungwon. She got married to soccer player Ki Sung-yueng in July 2013 and is currently busy taking care of their daughter.