Agni missile
Agni missileReuters

India has been on the hunt for an advanced anti-tank missile and there is some positive news on the indigenous development of anti-tank missiles. Bharat Dynamics Limited (BDL), the nodal agency for the production of missiles in India, announced recently that it test-fired an advanced wireless anti-tank missile. 

The said test-firing was done using Radio Frequency guidance. The guidance command was sent using Radio Frequency system with the Electronic Warfare (EW) protection. The missile had features, including the wherewithal of being remotely launched and piloted from a safe distance, normally found in third generation anti-tank guided missiles. 

BDL is known for manufacturing Agni missile, Akash missile, Milan 2T, Konkurs – M and Invar missiles. 

This is its second missile that was indigenously test-fired in recent times. Earlier, Amogha-1, an indigenous anti-tank guided missile was test-fired successfully. The missile had a range of 2.8km.

It noted that these tests marked the completion of the developmental trails for two new systems and the agency is entering into the development era for a new generation of short range missile systems aimed at moving and stationary land targets, the Times of India reported.