Property registrations and maintaining records is one of the most tedious tasks. But Bengaluru has come up with a novel idea to not only simplify this entire process but also take a revolutionary step forward the render the old-school paper khatas useless.

The Bangalore Municipal Corporation is now scrapping the paper khata issuance in favour of digital versions of the property records, which can now be accessed from DigiLocker. The digital khatas, otherwise called e-Aasthi, will be signed digitally and contain all the essential details, including, photo of the property, photo of the owner, property identity number (PID), apart from registration information. All this will be accessible on the phone's DigiLocker accounts.

BBMP head office in Bengaluru
BBMP head office in BengaluruWikimedia

Although, this is a pilot project, started off with 3 wards in Bengaluru (Shanthinagar, Shantala Nagar, Neelasandra), it is expected to cover all 198 wards in a phased manner.

DigiLocker uses

DigiLocker has already enabled digitisation of various government identification records, including PAN, DL, RC, eAadhaar, school and college certificates, and now land records. This will eliminate the middle man and cut short the chances of litigations, maintain lengthy paperworks and more.

The BBMP and the Revenue Department has already issued 12.5 lakh documents using this service and mutation of five lakh properties has already been done.