Canadian company's flagship BlackBerry Messenger team has released the new BBM v2.0 to the Android and iOS devices.

"Earlier, we wrote about some of the features we're working on for BBM in 2014. Today, we're excited to be adding those great new features and more to BBM that users on iPhone, Android and BlackBerry** can enjoy. When the update becomes available later today, these new features will give you more ways to chat and share than ever before on BBM", said the company.

The new BBM v2.0 comes with the voice-support, location sharing, photo sharing, new emoticons and increase in members in BBM groups.

Here is a brief description of BBM v2.0 features:

BBM Voice: This feature allows the user to make free voice calls to anyone (across the globe) in their BBM contact list via internet (Wi-Fi or dataplans), thereby saving hefty ISD bills (or even the roaming charges while you go out for foreign locations).

BBM Channels: This feature lets users initiate conversation with other BBM members with common interests. Users can create a Channel (profile) based on business, brands and discuss topics ranging from current events, favorite hobbies, entertainment and more.

Location Sharing (by Glympse): This feature allows users to share locations with the BBM contact list for a specific amount of time. This also serves working women well as they can share location details with their guardian, while travelling from home to work (and vice-versa) especially during night. This feature is time bound; once the set-time has elapsed, the user locations will become private.

Share Pictures, Voice notes and more: With this feature, BBM messaging app has become richer with addition of picture sharing, send voice notes, create and send calendar events.

Dropbox Integration: With this, users can send important files from the personal cloud account to their BBM contact list (and vice-versa).

More Emoticons:  BlackBerry seems to have taken a leaf out of Google's Android KitKat (integration Emoji characters in text messaging app) OS update; BBM's new version will now 100 more emoticons to enhance the texting experience.

Larger Group: Now BBM users can add up to 50-members in their group.

Device compatibility details:

Android based devices:

OS Requirement: Android v4.0 and up

BBM version:

Size: 16MB (to download, click here)

Apple Devices:

OS Requirement: iOS 6.0 or later. (Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5)

BBM version:

Size: 49.1 MB 9 (to download, click here)

BlackBerry Devices:

OS Requirement: BlackBerry 10 OS (Note: BlackBerry OS5 and above will also be updated but will not include neither location sharing nor Dropbox integration.)

BBM version: 10.3

For more information, click here

Check out the official video showcasing the features of new BBM v2.0: