Dhanveer Gowda's Bazaar
Dhanveer Gowda and Aditi Prabhudeva in Bazaar.PR Handout

Romance and comedy have been Simple Suni's forte. Starting from Simple Agi Ondh Love Story to Chamak, his strength has been light-hearted movies. Breaking the mould, he has now made an out-and-out mass movie in the form of Bazaar.

Simple Suni has been successful in introducing new talents. In his first movie, he launched Rakshit Shetty and his Operation Alamelamma turned out to be a perfect launch pad for Rishi. With Bazaar, he is introducing Dhanveer Gowda.

Kalki aka Modala Giriyappa is an orphan and brought up by Yajamana (Sharath Lohitashwa), a powerful man, who is into pigeon racing. The hero wants to fall in love only to experience 'love failure' (meaning: the pain of losing a girl).

As Kalki wishes, he finds Parijatha (Aditi Prabhudeva) and falls in love. Every time he proposes, she rejects and he is happy to suffer. Simultaneously, the story about pigeon racing is being unwrapped.

Kalki, who ambitious to be a number one pigeon racer, starts ignoring Parijatha the moment she falls in love with him. On the other side, the stage is getting ready for a big competition of pigeon racing. The story takes twists and turns and what happens when tragedy strikes Kalki is the climax of the movie.

Bazaar has a decent storyline but gives an insight into pigeon racing and how the illegal sport secretly functions even today. Simple Suni brings in various elements to the mix to make it a pure commercial entertainer and succeeds to some extent. What is really missing here is an engrossing screenplay.

Dhanveer Gowda has put in a lot of effort for physical transformation which is a commendable job for a newcomer. But he needs to work on his acting skills. Ravi Basrur's background score is top notch and "Love failure" song is the pick of the album.

Verdict: Though Bazaar is not Suni's best work, it is an enjoyable movie if you love action movies.