Bayonetta Wii U port will get Nintendo costumes and

Developer Platinum Games and publisher Nintendo's hack and slash video game "Bayonetta" will allow the use of classic Nintendo costumes and other new abilities, which were detailed by Isao Negishi, director of the Bayonetta Wii U port.

Players will now be able to dress their characters as Princess Peach, Link from The Legend of Zelda and Samus Aran from Metroid in an exclusive Wii U port of Bayonetta. It is also learnt that each game was checked minutely by none other than Hideki Kamiya, the director of the Bayonetta series, and it was only after his approval that these costumes were rolled out.

This addition to the game will allow characters to dress as Princess Peach and they will also be able to summon Bowser, the villain in Mario series.

"Maybe she didn't draw a big enough magic circle, because it looks like we can only see his arms and legs, LOL. Yet watching Bowser pummel enemies with punches and kicks is a sight to behold. That first thrill you get when Bowser slams the enemy with his fist is quite an unforgettable experience," said Negishi, Polygon reported.

These new creations will add more power to the character's abilities as it is when Bayonetta wears Link's costume and when it is equipped with Shuruba and they can use Master Sword that is created by Wicked Weaves.

The Master Sword will be able to cut the enemies into two, he said. He further added that the costume will change the sound effects. The jingle will remind players of the sound that used to emnate when the treasure chest was opened in classic Zelda game. These sound effects are taken from A Link to the Past, he revealed.

Negishi also said that the game will have the Samus Aran suit from Metroid and revealed that it will be from the first game, and this was requested by Kamiya himself.  One special feature that comes with the Samus suit is the ability to put the visor up or down during cut scenes.

"I think you'll be surprised how fun this is. See how good it feels to slam your visor down right after telling an enemy off, or discover the amusement in endlessly going up-down-up-down during the game's more serious moments. This can put the game's cut scenes in whole new light!" Negishi added.

The Wii U port for Bayonetta was released in 2012 when the console was announced. The latest game, Bayonetta 2, will be released to Wii U in October. The original Bayonetta will be bundled with Bayonetta 2.