Battlefield Hardline

If the Call of Duty franchise ever had a competitor in the industry that actually gave it a good run for its money, it has to be the EA DICE-based Battlefield series that's now a sort of household name for FPS lovers out there. And as of now, we are dealing with the latest Battlefield Hardline in the BF line-up.

The point where the new Battlefield stands out from others in the same genre is the new approach that's been entirely redirected from the usual military way of things. This time around, the new Battlefield has been centred on what's safe to say is a cop drama.

While we are all hyped about the multiplayer aspect of the game, the single-player portion of things do hold a lot of promise, mostly since this is a whole new story and involves unethical cops, coke-induced bad guys and a city that requires law.

So if you are indeed planning on trying out the game, here are six tips for the single-player aspect of the game to help you out.

Make Good Use of Your Badge
Sure you can go in all guns blazing into the game, and after all, it is an FPS title. However, the game rewards you generously for employing a more stealthy approach to things. You get to rank up fast if you take down your enemies in a safe fashion rather than blowing their brains out. And the best way to do that is by making the best use of your police badge. Flashing a badge at a baddie when he's alone allows you to safely disarm and take him down non-lethally. And anyway, guns make a lot of noise.

Veteran Mode: Soak Up the Punishment
If you are a seasoned gamer, novice and semi-pro modes will make you yawn. However, if you are really adventurous and willing to take on the heat, Battlefield Hardline's veteran mode should be able to successfully satisfy you. As you would expect, the veteran difficulty is hard as they get, and you will need a more calculated and cool-headed approach, episode by episode. We recommend that you play it in a more Hitman style and take down one baddie at a time. If you go rushing into situations you will get killed a lot. Plus, forgo any hopes of camping in a corner and shooting your enemies. It's just not good enough in the veteran difficulty and they will sneak up on you.

Flick a Bullet Shell; Distract Them
If indeed you are more into a stealthy approach to things, know that flicking a bullet shell to distract your enemies could be a good way to isolate them to either take them down or clear your path. It's absolutely madness going into an armed group of felons, hoping to take all of them down. Rather, isolate each one from the herd and clear out the trash.

Dead Bodies Often Have New Weapons
While the multiplayer mode of the game is your one-stop-shop to unlock all the 54 weapons in Battlefield Hardline, you can still unlock a few in the single-player. You will often find new types of guns and weapons from all the downed and dead bad guys around you, and it's better if you scour out an entire room before moving on as you might get an elusive weapon out of the blue. Plus, other weapons can be unlocked by levelling up and it's best you keep your stealth goggles and scanner handy.

Scour All the Areas Well
Talking about the importance of fine searching an area, it's almost imperative that you take some time out in a mission and check out the area completely. Note that your scanner will highlight areas that require further investigation with a magnifying glass or items to examine, highlighting them in green. Moreover, there are possibilities that some of the rooms will hide evidences that you need to unearth in order to follow up on the case at hand. Collecting evidences also help you rank up fast.

Stop Reading More Tips Articles
This is a game and not an SAT exam, so you might as well stop reading all the varied kinds of tips and tricks that are available online for Battlefield Hardline. In reality, each one is different from the other and will only end up confusing you on how or how not to approach the game. The best thing to do is soak up the grand experience and take one episode at a time. And if you are a first-timer in the Battlefield series, just try playing your usual game and adapt as required.